…and that’s why my rubbish splattered on your windshield

Officer pulls me over… “Ma’am, what is this crap you’re throwing out of your car?”

I look back and see all of my possessions littering the highway.

Officer-> “I hope you got the money…” He begins to write the ticket.

“Officer, sometimes I have to break the rules in order to get ahead.”


Society teaches us that TV is awesome. Then, the commercials teach us that possessions make you a happy go-lucky kiddo. They say run, don’t walk and spend your savings on the biggest yacht, the newest gadgets, and the hottest clothes. Make others envious to put a smile on your face. :]

Well, MTV Cribs, I have to break your rule of ‘living large to live great’. I have to step out of TV Land, and accept me for me. Yes, at times, I do indulge in a pool of price tags, but in order to gain the experiences that I desire, I have to lose some cargo… all of this STUFF.



So, this week, I have been tossing clothes into a donation box, selling furniture, pricing DVDs and other miscellaneous equipment. Some things are easy to toss. Others, I close my eyes and try to pretend they were never there. Half of that stuff were impulse purchases anyway…





At the end of the day, what can I say? They were just stuff anyway.

So, officer, screw the rules that you want me to abide by. I’m throwing them right at your face. I care about my family, friends, and journey. Clothes give me temporary happiness. They give me joy.

One life to live… (time for the most overused phrase of 2012)… #YOLO