The Dazzling Colors of Fall

I’m a Florida girl… born and raised. And yes, in North Florida, we have four seasons… or so I thought. Not all of our trees may shed their leafy clothing, but yes, it’s true, some do.

Near late October each year, breezy winds finally push away the summer’s heat and those seasonal trees allow their green leaves to fade into a brownish tan, slowly depart from the branches’ grips, and become a child’s dreamy leaf pile ready for diving. That’s it… that’s fall… when all turns brown.

Here are samples of the beauty that I got to experience for the first time this past weekend in South Korea. I heard some northerners refer to this artistic masterpiece as the ‘colors of autumn’. Now, I understand why so many complained about Florida’s simple fall. This past weekend, the ‘colors of autumn’ truly took my breath away.


Soldier Down! Fall Fireworks in Sardine Seoul

(1 week later… I didn’t realize that this entry was not published)

This past weekend, I and seven other folks dared to do what experienced foreigners choose not to do: attend the Seoul fireworks. What a night it was! Here is someone else’s experience with the fireworks. I really want you to see how packed the subway stations were.

On a regular day, Seoul already has a packed sardine can population. This particular night, it was sardine overload!

People were pushing their way into the subway trains. Korean security guards yelled to the crowd as the crowd tried to push the security out of the way. Honestly, it was funny as heck watching the little security guy (maybe 5’6″) try to block the train doors with his whole body while wailing and waving a green glowing stick.

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Korean Class 안녕하세요… Lost in No Translation

This is how I thought Korean class would be:

This is how Korean class felt:

Was the teacher seriously speaking in Korean 98% throughout the first day of class? How do you teach Korean in Korean? Considering that English classes at my school are taught in Korean, the reason is clear: ALL languages are best taught using Korean.  Continue reading

Internet Restrictions No Mo!

Ok, so if you didn’t know, the World Wide Web does not have the same freedom of access all  around the world. So far I’ve come across a number of limitations within the past month. Many I could live with…

  • Inability to text or call via Yahoo Messenger? “Alright”
  • Pandora off limits? “Hmmm… ok”
  • Netflix is gone? “Errr… I can live, maybe”

But this last one??

  • Can’t watch the free CBS live streaming of the Florida Gators vs LSU football game? *Pause* “No ma’am”

It was 6 in the morning with barely 3 hours of sleep, but I moved like the kids racing and screaming to lunch! I rushed, searched, and download a switchable American IP address. I can switch from Korean to American and vice versa. Now, the WWW is mine again. And more importantly, I could watch this game. 😀

I joined the game just in time for the 1st TD of the game.
I love my luck.

Dem Florida boys did it again
FL 14 vs LSU 6

And a huge dish of… KIMCHI!

Before I stepped foot onto Korean soil, I was told about the popular pickled, reddish, yummy, fermented Korean cabbage. A few friends urged me to try it when I arrived. I thought, “New culture, new food; of course!” I didn’t realize how often I would be ‘trying’ this dish.

  • What’s for breakfast? Rice, soup, kimchi
  • Lunch? Meat, meat, rice, soup, kimchi, green kimchi, blue kimchi
  • Dinner? Kimchi… this time, SPICY, “too hot for you”, mixed with veggies, rice and meat. Continue reading