More Than Food~ My Thanksgiving Abroad

Well, who would’ve guessed that Thanksgiving is more than sweet potato pies and steaming hot juicy turkey surrounded by baked apples and other goodies?

As every year passes, ‘Thanksgiving’ is replaced with ‘turkey’ in the nearly-official holiday greeting: “Happy Turkey Day!” I do love my pumpkin pie, home-made stuffing, pound cakes, and who could forget my favorite, peach cobbler? But the heavy emphasis on food made Thanksgiving a holiday that I both loved and disliked.

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I adore the moments with family and friends. I love the cheers, the laughs, the awkward dances, and jointly screaming at the football games as if the players could hear… but I’m not a fan of the continuous talk about food preparation, recipe comparisons or trying to stuff yourself all at once. (Anyone who really knows me knows that I’m a huge supporter of the ‘doggy bag’.) Continue reading