2018 Bucket List

Simply a smaller version of my Master Bucket List. 🙂 Let 2014 be a year to remember!

Lucky 2013 Bucket List

  1. Complete the Korean Bucket List
  2. Go snowboarding
  3. Win a kickboxing match
  4. Photo bomb a stranger who is taking a self-portrait
  5. Learn to scalp braid hair
  6. Attend a pole dance class (2016)
  7. Get a personal trainer’s certification (2015)
  8. Pay for a stranger’s groceries
  9. Give (or pay for) an entire dinner to a homeless person
  10. Send someone a small gift anonymously
  11. Learn how to cook a Korean dish
  12. Take the TOPIK and pass at least high intermediate
  13. Take a surfing lesson
  14. Buy a book for a friend
  15. Swim in the East China Sea (2014)

2018 Bucket List

I’m really glad that I decided to open this blog back up this year (December 2017). As a celebration, I’ll keep my old bucket lists up, but also set a new bucket list for this coming year. 🙂

  1. Take a surfing lesson
  2. Compete in a body figure competition
  3. Compete in a Muay Thai competition
  4. Take and pass TOPIK at intermediate level
  5. Leave for Air Force training
  6. Travel outside of the US
  7. Get accepted into nursing school
  8. Pay off credit card bills
  9. Pay for a stranger’s groceries afterwards
  10. Learn a hip hop routine

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