Cambodian Bucket List

Before my friend suggested Cambodia as a vacation destination, I couldn’t have told you its exact location (yes, shame on the person with a minor in Geography). However, as we plan and as I study up more on the country, my excitement is almost jumping through my chest! Here are some things that we both agreed the we must do as well as a few things that I personally want to do.

**Just got back from this land. ‘Twas fun and get to cross a few things off. When I visit again, more things will be crossed off.**

My 25 Cambodian Bucket List

  1. Kiss a guy from all seven continents (Traveling sistah pact… no lip-touching!)
  2. Send my Cambodia traveling sistah a postcard to her Korean home
  3. Take a picture of 5 ‘zef’ (South African phrase) things for my traveling sistah’s brother
  4. Create a mascot and have it in tourist-location pictures
  5. Buy a strange/ kinky piece of underwear
  6. Eat grilled kangaroo meat
  7. Go scuba diving/ snorkeling (I really hope to get a SSI license)
  8. Watch sunrise at Angkor Wat temple
  9. Cycle around the country
  10. Take a nap in a random place (aka not a bed, a bench, or the beach… thinking of a temple)
  11. Trek the forest near the temples & swim by the waterfall in the river of a Thousand Lingas
  12. Eat three spiders
  13. Volunteer for one morning
  14. Shop at Keo Kjay (a fashionable boutique that helps women who are HIV-positive)
  15. Visit the Tuol Sleng Musuem & Killing Fields
  16. Get a signature from at least three people who live in a floating village
  17. Take a picture in a Tomb Raider scene
  18. Get lost in Cambodia
  19. Attend a shadow puppet show
  20. Learn a traditional Cambodian dance
  21. Attend either the Lady Boy Show/ Drag Queen Show
  22. Find a rainbow pigeon
  23. Cross the Bamboo bridge at Kampong Cham
  24. Ride a beautiful elephant and give him/her a name
  25. Find my travelling sistah a black/ gold monokini

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