Japanese Bucket List

Going to Japan~~~~~!!

So, I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to check all of these off, but I have a lifetime to do so. I basically don’t know much about the land of the rising sun except its Pokemon and Inuyasha beautiful pieces of work. I made this list to figure out what Japan is all about and find out what I want to do there. 🙂

  1. Make backpacker friends
  2. Buy something from the Pokemon Center
  3. Visit Tokyo Tower
  4. Eat authentic Japanese sashimi
  5. Visit the Imperial Palace in Tokyo
  6. Find a geocache in Japan
  7. Enjoy sake in its homeland
  8. Go to a sumo wrestling match
  9. Take a koto lesson
  10. Watch a kabuki play
  11. Participate in a tea ceremony
  12. Wear a kimono/ kiyuta (dress up like a geisha)
  13. Go to a Japanese high school
  14. Visit Hiroshima/ Hirosaki
  15. Try various kind of Pringles
  16. Write in Japanese
  17. Drink a sakura frappucino
  18. Ride the bullet train
  19. Buy Japanese Kit Kat
  20. Take an Akido class/ watch an Akido match
  21. Eat Soba
  22. Climb Ft. Fuji??… or take a picture of it (not a big fan of hiking :P)
  23. Try an onsen (hot spring)
  24. Learn 5 Japanese phrases
  25. Go snowboarding in Hokkaido
  26. Check out the frozen fish traditional dishes in Hokkaido
  27. Buy a Bonsai (that tree that twists)
  28. See red cranes dances in Hokkaido
  29. Make a Daruma doll/ Kokeshi doll
  30. Learn how to cook a Japanese dish
  31. Ride the Hakone Tozan Railway (a train that goes through the mountains and can get really steep)
  32. Visit Jigokudani Monkey Park
  33. Attend Kanto Matsuri (an… interesting festival)
  34. Visit Owakudani and eat two black eggs
  35. Go reindeer sledding in Hokkaido
  36. Visit Wisteria in Tokyo
  37. Visit Tokyo Disneyland
  38. Stay in a ryokan (expensive) or minshuku (cheaper) for a night (traditional Japanese inn)
  39. Watch a bunraku (puppet) show
  40. Visit Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses in Osaka’s Hattori Ryokuchi Park

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