Master Bucket List

My Master Bucket List!

The ultimate 101 might actually take a lifetime! I’m in for a ride.

(the year I completed the item is in parentheses)


  1. Get a passport (2011)
  2. Go to the 2016 Olympics… Update: 2020 Olympics
  3. Become proficient in at least eight languages
  4. Learn how to cook a traditional dish from eight cultures
  5. Go to the airport and randomly take the next flight out

United States

  1. Visit every state in the United States
  2. Eat a Hershey at Hershey Park
  3. Spend at least one night on a Native American reservation
  4. Visit Old Faithful
  5. Visit a volcano in Hawaii
  6. Visit Niagara Falls
  7. Eat a sugar biscuit thing in New Orleans (2011)
  8. Ride a street car in San Francisco
  9. Ride a horse through a Californian vineyard
  10. Go on a Caribbean cruise
  11. See a space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral (2010)
  12. Attend a presidential inauguration
  13. Take a picture in the Oval Office with the president
  14. Take a picture on top of the Statue of Liberty with a Statue of Liberty trinket
  15. Take a picture next to a Hollywood icon
  16. Road trip across country (East Coast to West Coast or vice versa)
  17. Bike up the entire East Coast

Around the World

  1. Visit every continent and dance
  2. Have citizenship in more than one country
  3. Visit all seven wonders of nature (Amazon Rainforest, Jeju Island, Halong Bay, Iguazu Falls, Puerto Princesa Underground River, Komodo Island, and Table Mountain)
  4. Attend a USA game in a FIFA World Cup
  5. See the Northerner Lights

South America

  1. Go on an Amazon expedition
  2. Drink water at Machu Picchu
  3. Stand on the Equator
  4. Speak fluent Spanish when visiting Lilia’s mom in Colombia
  5. Go ‘hand gliding’ in Rio de Janiero, Brazil
  6. Party in the Rio Carnival
  7. Go star gazing at the Atacama Desrt, Chile
  8. Eat Argentinian beef in Argetina before a night of tango


  1. Go on an African safari
  2. Swim in the Devil’s Pool (Victoria Falls, Zambia)
  3. Go surfing in South Africa
  4. Visit the markets of Morocco
  5. Touch a pyramid in Egypt
  6. Ride a camel in a desert


  1. Yodel in Switzerland
  2. Watch sunset from Oia, Santorini, Greece
  3. Ride a gondola in Italy
  4. Navigate my way through the Longleat Hedge Maze in England
  5. Drive on the German Autobahns
  6. Kiss someone on the Eiffel Tower
  7. Chill out in a geothermal spa in Iceland
  8. Play bag pipes in Scotland
  9. Snow board the Alps


  1. Buy some chicken from a supermarket in Taiwan
  2. Participate in a traditional meal in China
  3. Visit the Bird’s Nest in China
  4. Eat pongal in India
  5. Visit Taj Mahal
  6. Ride a Singapore Flyer
  7. Throw a wish/ something into a fountain in South Korea (Grandmother’s story)
  8. Travel to Israel for Passover
  9. Float in the Dead Sea
  10. Stay in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora
  11. Visit Zhada Forest in Tibet

Sports/ Athletic

  1. Run a marathon at 100 years old
  2. Win a kickboxing match (2014)
  3. Compete Muay Thai in the US
  4. Hike a mountain (2012)
  5. Scuba dive in a coral reef
  6. Earn a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  7. Go camping (tent) and make smores
  8. Go cave diving
  9. Go sky diving (2011)
  10. Go white water rafting (2013)
  11. Go zip lining over some foresty area (2014)


  1. Ride a hot air balloon
  2. Ride in a submarine
  3. Ride/ fly a jet faster than sound
  4. Pilot a plane (1999)
  5. Drive a NASCAR car
  6. Drive in a full-out street race
  7. Eat at a ‘dine in the dark’ restaurant
  8. Eat edible gold
  9. Volunteer for either Peace Corps or AmeriCorps
  10. Pay for a stranger’s cart of groceries
  11. Take a homeless person to dinner
  12. Country line dance in a classic old western country dance place
  13. Take a salsa class (2013)
  14. Learn a pole dance routine (2017)
  15. Belly dance on a stage in another country
  16. Be a part of a flash mob
  17. Climb on top of a moving train
  18. Join the Air Force (2017)
  19. Learn how to train an elephant like Mowgli (2014)
  20. Ride a black and white cow
  21. Milk a cow
  22. Swim with dolphins
  23. Learn a magic trick (not a card trick)
  24. Act in a commercial (even as an extra)
  25. Get paid for taking/ editing photographs
  26. Get paid for creating a music video
  27. Adopt a kid
  28. Own a rabbit (2010)
  29. Own a dog
  30. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater
  31. Participate in a polar plunge
  32. Sleep over night in a hammock
  33. Compete in a body figure competition

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