Travelling from Sunrise to Sunset: My Journey to Korea

For my family and friends who have asked, here are the details of my journey to Korea… the post is quite long but it has the emotions, lost luggage, navigating the subway on Day One, and all.

I received my flight’s ticket about 15 days prior to departure.


Departure Time: Friday, August 31 7:00 am, Jacksonville, FL (EST)

Estimated Arrival Time: Saturday, September 1st 4:10 pm Incheon, Korea (KST)


August 30th, 2012

Jacksonville: “It Just Got Real”

7:00 pm– Home cooked dinner at the boyfriend’s house

11:00 pm– My recruiter calls… He said that there was an overbooking of teachers for the airport pick-up service in Korea. I would have to meet the driver at an exit different from my flight’s. I would share the ride with another teacher who would arrive 30 minutes earlier. So, the ride would be half-priced… 30,000 KRW. I wrote down all of the information, printed directions, and downloaded the subway map onto my phone just in case something happens.

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