That moment when…


You’re mad at every wise person who decided to walk rather than take the bus


Korean Class 안녕하세요… Lost in No Translation

This is how I thought Korean class would be:

This is how Korean class felt:

Was the teacher seriously speaking in Korean 98% throughout the first day of class? How do you teach Korean in Korean? Considering that English classes at my school are taught in Korean, the reason is clear: ALL languages are best taught using Korean.  Continue reading

And a huge dish of… KIMCHI!

Before I stepped foot onto Korean soil, I was told about the popular pickled, reddish, yummy, fermented Korean cabbage. A few friends urged me to try it when I arrived. I thought, “New culture, new food; of course!” I didn’t realize how often I would be ‘trying’ this dish.

  • What’s for breakfast? Rice, soup, kimchi
  • Lunch? Meat, meat, rice, soup, kimchi, green kimchi, blue kimchi
  • Dinner? Kimchi… this time, SPICY, “too hot for you”, mixed with veggies, rice and meat. Continue reading